Forget and Move On..!!!

I feel mad, sad and any other bad feelings when i break up with Usuf,. after 5 years we’ve been through, finally i left him, cause he doesn’t want to married me, and either he wants to, we have a different religion., so the only way is to be separated..
The first month is kind a easy.. i have moved t another town, and have some kind a busy with my new life..
Entering second month, i started to missed him badly… and i don’t know what could i do, to get rid him out of my mind, cause no matter what i do, i always remembering him..
Now after 10 month, i started to realize that i really should move on..
i learn that to crying every night help me to let him go,. i remember when my mom die, i used to cry every night before i go to sleep for a year. and then it help me a lot to face the fact that she wont back to my life..
so, the things i wanna share for you, is no matter what people think, crying is the best friends, when you lose someone.. don’t be shy for crying.. crying whenever you remembering that person.. its needs time to heal your heart break, but know this, you’ll be fine.. even if you lose someone who mean everything to you.. GOD always there, sitting right beside you, and hold you while you crying and say, “Lord, I love You always, and i know You love me unconditionally… and i know whatever happen in my life is bringing the best thing that will happen after i pass this situation…”
i hope there’s something you can learn from my experience..
love u all..